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Cancellation instructions

We grant our customers a standard cancellation period of  two-weeks.

Any contract may be revoked within fourteen days. No specific reasons need to be disclosed.

The standard cancellation period effectively ends fourteen days after receipt of the ordered product by the customer or a third party entitled by the customer. This period does not entail delivery.

To make use of your cancellation right, please inform us of your decision to do so by contacting us at:

Hoffmann Transfer & Textile Printing
Greimersdorfer Dorfstrasse 17, 90556 Cadolzburg,
Phone: +49 9103 797733
Fax:     +49 9103 797734

To cancel your order, please provide us with a notice in written form. This will only be legally binding if sent within the fourteen days of our standard cancellation period.

Results of the cancellation

After revoking a contract, all payments already made by our customers for the cancelled contract will be refunded - including delivery expenses. This will not apply if the customer has specified a nonstandard form of delivery. Refunding will be carried out within fourteen days of reception of your cancellation note. Hoffmann Transfer & Textile Printing will refund your payment in the same currency as the original transaction, unless otherwise stipulated. No additional renumeration will be charged to the customer's account due to refunding.

After cancelling an order, all ordered items need to be returned to Hoffmann Transfer & Textile Printing within fourteen days at the latest. The immediate cost of returning the ordered items is paid by the customer. Any damage to the ordered item, any depreciation in value or reduction in functionality will be charged to the customer's account on return of the ordered items, should this be the case.

We reserve the right to refuse refunding your payment transaction until either the cancelled articles have been returned to us or the customer can provide written proof of return consignment.

This cancellation right does not apply to the following contracts:

  • Delivery and production of articles which have been specially customized, modified or otherwise tailored to the express needs of the customer

Cancellation form

(If you want to revoke the contract, fill please this form and send back it.)

Hoffmann Transfer & Textile Printing
Greimersdorfer Dorfstrasse 17, 90556 Cadolzburg,
Phone: +49 9103 797733
Fax:     +49 9103 797734

 I/we hereby cancel the contract about the purchase of the following goods (*) / the performance of the following service (*):

Orders in (*) / preserved in (*)

Customer name:

Customer address:

Customer signature (not necessary for online communication)





If you finance an order in advance and revoke it later, you are not bound to the accompanying loan contract anymore, provided that both contracts form a single appertaining unit. This is especially relevant in cases where Hoffmann Transfer & Textil is the lender or if a third-party lender employs our aid in financing a contract. If any form of credit has already been received by us in the event of a contract cancellation, said third-party lender will enter the contract in lieu of the original contractor. This is not the case if the contract in question has the purpose of acquiring other means of financial security, like bonds, stocks or foreign currencies.

If you want to avoid a contractual obligation, make use of your cancellation right and revoke your financing contract along with your ordered items, if this is possible.